Super Star Car

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Super Star Car

Super Star Car is an arcade style racing game with sharp graphics and agile gameplay. In the game, you will participate in exciting races on diverse tracks and try to win to become a real racing star.


- Vehicle selection: Before starting the race, you can choose from a range of different vehicles, each with its own characteristics and performance. Choose the car that suits your racing style.


Here are some helpful tips in the game Super Star Car:

- Learn about vehicles carefully: Each type of vehicle in the game has different attributes and abilities. Learn how to use and take advantage of each vehicle for the best results.

- Collect coins and diamonds: Money and diamonds are two important resources in the game. Try to collect them by completing quests, challenges or racing to upgrade and shop.

- Upgrade your car: Use coins and diamonds to upgrade your car. Upgrades include speed, enhanced power, and controllability.



How To play?

Use the navigation keys on the keyboard or the handle to control your car. Up arrow key to accelerate, arrow key.

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