Russian Car Driver HD

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Russian Car Driver HD

Russian Car Driver HD is an online Truck Games. We offer you a variety of most popular games here.

Time to put your driving skills to test! Drive Russian-style and try to overcome every trial in this game. Join the craziest rallies, try to park your vehicle and race against other drivers in thrilling races. Enjoy yourself!

In the setup options, you can choose between three different control systems: a virtual steering wheel, virtual cursors, or the accelerometer. In the options you can also customize your graphics configuration and even change the camera, choosing between first and third person points of view.

One of the great things about Russian Car Driver HD is that it offers tons of different game modes. You have the free mode where you can drive however you want around a country setting; the racing mode where you can compete against other vehicles; ones with time limits, where you have to race against the clock; and the parking mode where you simply have to park your vehicle.

How To play?

Break: "SPACE".

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