Run Boys

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Run Boys

Tired of the same old running games? Bored of the same new games with nothing new to offer?. join, clash, and blast with the Run Boys.

Run, race, slide, jump, fall, flip, punch and smash through crazy obstacles with dozens of other online opponents. Everyone, boys, girls, tall, short, fun boys or quirky teenagers, all are welcome to fight, run and have a good time in the knockout race. this next. Battle groups of other players through silly races and wacky arenas filled with epic obstacles to be the top! Join your friends to join the battle!

Main Features
• Run, pass and slide past your opponents • Dodge oncoming obstacles • Live multiplayer in Battle Royale • Crazy and colorful design • Comical Physical • Lots of customization options • Tons of failures funny defeat • Many different levels.

Laugh your butt off in this new multiplayer game that combines running, platform challenges, and free for all insanity.

How To play?

Arrow keys and AWSD - MOVE.
Dash key - JUMP.

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