My Mini City

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My Mini City

When I came to this strange city for the first time, there were very few buildings in the city. I was eager to build a brand-new city and needed your help to build it. Let’s enter this brand-new city together!

My Mini City is a management and simulation game to play. Build the city, hire the workers, and use the upgrades. Enjoy this idle game, and build hospitals, schools, banks, and other infrastructure from scratch.

Drag your finger to merge two buildings of the same level to obtain a higher-level building, and merge them in turn to obtain a higher-level building. The higher the building level, the more economic benefits. Using some props and completing some tasks can also get rich profits, and some buildings will be randomly generated in the venue, which should be collected as soon as possible to speed up the construction speed. The site is ready, come and start the construction road.



My Mini City is developed by YAD.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

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