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Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a free-to-play 3D drifting game with an excellent selection of tracks and plenty of tuned-up cars. Pick your motor, tune it, then rev your engine and drift the turns in one of 10 unique locations!

Each challenge will be a type of track with many obstacles, and each track will have its unique characteristics. Some maps can be overcome with your eyes closed, but some require you to show excellent drift skills. However, the more times you drift, the more points you will score, which can help you get more attractive rewards. Or if you can create many combos during the game, there will be an opportunity to receive more bonuses and use them for many other purposes.

For those of you who are interested, you can now work with many available customizations in Drift Hunters that allow you to freely change the look of your favorite vehicles. Enjoy working with multiple body paints to allow different color combinations on your cars. With up to 4 different paint types available for a single car, you can freely customize its look in many ways. In addition, you can also adjust the turbo for better speed or change the brake balance and brake pressure for better control when the car is drifting.


1. Use acceleration cautiously when approaching corners mid-drift.

2. Drift from side-to-side on straight roads to keep the drift alive.

3. Tune-up your vehicles to find the sweet spot for maximum drift.

4. Drive on maps with plenty of space for long, uninterrupted drifting.

How To play?

1. Use the WASD or arrows keys to steer the car.
2. Use the space as the handbrake.
3. Use C to change the camera position.
4. Use left shift to shift up gears.
5. Use left Ctrl to shift down gears.

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