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Blob Opera

Create your own Opera sung by blobs and let your imagination run wild to compose melodious songs with Blob Opera. The game developed by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture is also a machine learning experience which pays homage to the original musical instrument, the voice.

Since then, Blob Opera's audio has improved by sounding more vibrant and realistic. Also, this makes it simple for players to put together a fantastic opera. You'll have complete freedom to make the music you love. There won't be any guidelines or restrictions for you to set.


Blob Opera was developed on a machine learning model based on the voices of 4 opera singers to create an interactive experience that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their musical skills. How does it work? Just drag the blobs up and down and back and forth to get different tone of voice and make your blob sing. Record the voices of each of the 4 blobs separately and play all the voices at the same time to create the music that inspires you.

Another funny and weird game from David Lee. In this experimental game from Google Labs, you music make some cool music using the blobs. Generate a nice opera sound by giving each blob something to sing. Choose the notes and pitch to generate a beautiful (or ugly) sound in this fun online game.

How To play?

Click or tap to interact.

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